Miami tarpon season

Tarpon season in the keys

26 May Miami tarpon season

Miami Tarpon season and islamorada Flyfishing 

Islamorada’s tarpon season is the most awaited event for both guides and anglers in the Florida Keys. It is May and the Tarpon are everywhere around islamorada  and Florida bay.

The ocean tarpon run is in full force and everybody have silver in their mind. We’ve had some tough weather days with a lot of wind and cloud cover but there is always a way to catch them despite the weather conditions.

I have been showing my fly anglers plenty of tarpon to throw at, all in a mix of good and bad weather days, which calls for different game plans everyday. Few places offer a menu of Tarpon fishing opportunities like islamorada does.

Best destination in the world for Flyfishing for tarpon

All the mangrove islands, flats, basins, channels and bridges connecting the chain of islands and dividing the Gulf of Mexico from the Atlantic Ocean, create just the perfect environment and geography to have a constant traffic of fish through the day during tarpon season.

These fish travel in between bridges and channels from the ocean to the gulf and viceversa during tide changes. They can be in packs of 8 or less fish up to big groups of hundreds. All in clear water, giving you the opportunity of casting to a moving target you can see, also known as sight fishing.

I prefer to spend calm weather days fishing the backcountry as the fish tend to roll and lay up a lot. You will always see strings in the ocean but it gets extremely difficult to feed the fish and getting bites with a mix of light wind and clear skies.

You will be able to cast with ease and see the fish better but they will also see you and sense the boat before you start to load your fly line. get some wind and dirty water in the ocean and the fish show a much better attitude.

Smaller Tarpon in the 10-30 pound range are also a great choice for less than ideal weather days and beginner fly casters. Needles to say, you need to be able to cast into the wind and have a decent double hauling technique to be successful in the Keys. Do yourself a favor and practice your cast. The results will speak by themselves.

Miami tarpon season dates

Still have prime available days for Tarpon towards the end of June all the way into July, spinning clients are also welcome!!

Give me a call and let’s go put some in the air!!

Capt Alex Zapata
Flats fishing guide
IFFF certified fly casting instructor
Miami, Everglades and the keys
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Miami tarpon season

Juvenile tarpon

Miami tarpon season

tarpon season in the Florida keys

A storm approaches caesars creek in Biscayne bay

Miami tarpon season

Islamorada tarpon season

Miami tarpon season

Miami tarpon season

Miami tarpon season

Islamorada tarpon season


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