Windy days of Bonefish and Permit fishing

Windy days of bonefish and permit fishing

05 Nov Windy days of Bonefish and Permit fishing

Key Biscayne flats fishing 

wind after the hurricane 

The wind has been kicking after hurricane Mathew making fishing in Biscayne bay difficult but not impossible. Luckily, South Florida wasn’t seriously affected by the storm, only leaving moderate rain, lots of wind and inactivity.

For us, the fishing guide community, any major storm coming means charter cancellations and down time at the dock. Let alone if windy conditions become prevalent for the following weeks after the storm, which is the case for now.

The wind has been blowing relentlessly since Mathew, making fishing very tough to say the least. Add the seasonal fall king tides along with cloudy skies and rain to make the bonefish and permit fishing very, very difficult.

Lots of bait

On the positive side, the hurricane pushed even more bait down south, creating a feeding frenzy show. There have been acres of mullet and pilchards working their way south, along with Jacks, snook, trout, snappers, barracudas, tarpon and ladyfiish happily joining the party.

We have been taking advantage of the massive schools of bait and catching some nice hard pulling jacks around them. Some of these jacks are pushing 12 to 15lbs and make a great choice for those days when the weather conditions aren’t ideal for sight fishing. Another great choice for this type of conditions is the mutton snapper fishing. These tasty fighters can’t resist a free lined pilchard on top of of a shallow wreck or one of the many channels in-between flats in Biscayne bay.


We have been finding bonefish pushing in schools and mudding, during the lower stages of the tide, at spots with strong current or moving water. The muds have been key to spot the fish in days when visibility is greatly reduced by cloud cover and/or higher than normal water levels.

that’s all for now. Tight lines

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David and Steve went 4 for 5 on bonefish during tough conditions

Key Biscayne flats fishing

Key Biscayne flats fishing

Key Biscayne flats fishing

Key Biscayne flats fishing

Key Biscayne flats fishing