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Shark fishing in Miami

Shark fishing is an excellent choice anytime of the year. These powerful predators are almost always hungry and willing to play unless the weather gets extremely cold. During these conditions, the sharks will head towards deeper water and will stay there until the water starts to warm back up.

Hone your skills

Sharks will test your nerves and fighting skills to the limit, which is one of the main reasons why I like it. I love fishing for sharks for educational purposes. Sharks are the perfect practice for the beginner wanting to learn how to cast, set the hook on a fish, fight it and apply the right angles and pressure with the fishing rod. Long fights aren’t good for the fish, neither the fisherman so it is very important to learn proper fighting techniques.

Also, a great practice target for the beginner-intermediate fly fisherman or light tackle guy wanting to hone his or her skills for that future big tarpon, sailfish, marlin, giant trevally or just about any other big fish. In other words you must learn to crawl before you can walk” Sharks provide that opportunity.

We get several shark species in Florida bay (Everglades national park) such as Lemmons, black tips, bulls, nurses and the occasional tiger shark. Some of these can reach sizes of over 300lb and can be caught in water no deeper than 10 feet, making it a great choice for those who want to live the experience of catching a big shark yet staying in relative shallow water, not too far from shore.

give me a call and I’ll be more than happy to show you great shark action!

Capt Alex Zapata
Flats fishing guide
IFFF certified fly casting instructor
Miami, Everglades and the keys
(786) 317-4733
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Fishing for sharks

Nice spinner sharks.

Shark fishing in Miami

Shark fishing in Miami

Shark fishing in Miami

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