Winter time backcountry fishing

Winter time backcountry fishing

18 Jan Winter time backcountry fishing

Winter time backcountry fishing 

The Winter time season continues and with it great fishing opportunities, offering my clients the chance of doing something different at different locations. One of my favorite things to do during the winter season is fishing deep in the Backcountry, witnessing the beauty of the Everglades and catching snook, redfish, baby tarpon, seatrout and even largemouth bass at the backwaters where the water becomes fresh.

Backcountry hideouts

Snook fishing in these areas can be absolutely red hot during the winter time with the right conditions. Most of these snook are in the small side but the slot and over slot fish almost always shows up in between the juvies, often surprising the angler and leaving him/her wondering if heavier tackle should’ve been used!

These type of winter time backcountry fishing is ideal for the flyfisherman or the fisherman that enjoys throwing plugs and soft plastics along the mangroves. Also, the “experience”, peace and isolation you experience fishing these areas is second to none. You will be surrounded by gators, otters, raccoons, dolphins, eagles, egrets, owls, woodpeckers and many more bird species that inhabit the Everglades. Most days you will not see another boat all day having the entire place to yourself. Tranquility and relaxation…. those are the main reasons why I love these backcountry trips so much!

Looking for shelter

Another great thing is being able to still fish during very windy days when most are staying at the dock. All the backcountry creeks, ponds, mangrove shorelines and bays offer protection from the wind, saving a fishing day that otherwise would be called off.

When the weather is very cold, some of these fish will be in the shallower mud bays, trying to warm up their bodies, laid up motionless or slowly cruising, an ideal situation for sight fishing. The Blackwater creeks hold warmer water, making it more favorable for the fish to stay in during cooler temperatures. Some of these “honey holes” can produce piles of fish and steady action that will satisfy the most discriminating angler.

If you are starting to flyfish and/or your experience in saltwater or casting ability is limited, this makes it a great way to get started, catch some fish and learn how to strike and set hook when fishing the salt.

That’s all for now, give me a call and I will go the extra mile to show you a great day out in the water.

Happy new year to all

Capt Alex Zapata
Flats fishing guide
IFFF certified fly casting instructor
Miami, Everglades and the keys
(786) 317-4733
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Winter time backcountry fishing

One of the most productive patterns tied by Capt Alex

Winter time backcountry fishing

Nice snook | Winter time backcountry fishing

Winter time backcountry fishing

Creeks and backcountry ponds hold lots of medium-small size fish but big surprises happen all the time.

Healthy seatrout | Winter time backcountry fishing

Winter time backcountry fishing

Snook are the most common target in these areas

Winter time backcountry fishing

Winter time backcountry fishing | fly fishing in tight quarters

Fly fishing in narrow spaces is a lot of fun

backcountry pattern tied by capt Alex

great bait fish pattern that catches lots of snook.